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Frequently Asked Questions

How are artists selected?

Please send links to your website, Instagram portfolio, and/or jpegs of your previous work to: info@statesofblack.com or use our online submission form. You will be notified by email and by mail if you have been selected to participate in States of Black Art Expo. The letter will contain information for submitting your artwork for review along with deadline information and cost.

What will this cost me?

Submission of your portfolio for consideration into the exhibit is FREE. Once accpeted, artist are asked to contribute $12.00 for each piece they are submitting to help cover the cost of renting the venue. Your entrance into the show is also FREE (plus ones and assistants will have to purchase a ticket).

What are your requirements for paintings/illustrations/photography?
  • Minimum 3 pieces, Maximum 5 pieces
  • Max piece size of 36”x36”
    (Everything over is $5 extra) Must not exceed 48”x48”
How do sales work?

ARTISTS SELL THEIR OWN ART WORK AND TAKE 100% PROFIT. WE DO NOT TAKE COMMISSION. Payment options are up to you, we strongly discourage accepting checks for payment. For credit options, we recommend downloading the SQUARE app.

Do I need to attend the event?

You will need to arrive for setup and instructions. No, you do not have to stay for the entire event, however it is strongly recommended. Again, you are selling your own art work. It is best if you, the artist, are engaging with your audience and working to gain more interest for yourself. If you are not able to make it, or need to leave early/show up late, we ask that you leave your contact info. This way, interested buyers can get in touch with you.

Do I need to make labels for my art?

No, we will provide labels for all artwork approved for the exhibit. You will be asked to submit the following information for each piece if you are selected:

  • Artist’s name
  • Artist’s contact information (ie phone/email)
  • Name of the piece (if applicable)
  • Price for sale (if applicable).
How will I be notified for updates?

By submitting work for the show you’re agreeing to receive periodic emails concerning the States of Black Art Expo and future events. You’re also granting us permission to contact you via text message, email, and/or phone call in which standard messaging, data and phone call rates may apply. We will never give out or sell your information.

Where will this exhibition be located?

We are currently seeking a venue (in Texas, preferably Houston or Dallas area) for this exhibit. Details will be posted as soon as one is secured. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to share with us at info@statesofblack.com.

How do sales work?

If one or more of your pieces sell(s), please inform your buyer that they may take their piece home after the show is over. If it sells on the first night of the event (if event is two days), your buyer may take it home with them the following night.

Do artists get in free?

Yes, accepted artists get free entry. However, any guests or assistants will be required to purchase an entry ticket online or at the door.

Will tickets also be sold at the door?

Yes, as long as we’re not at capacity for the venue space.

Can I sell prints?

Yes. You can sell prints from a bin, box, or crate where your art is displayed. Please bring these with you when you arrive for the show, NOT during installation. Tables are not allowed in the gallery space.

Can I perform at the show?

It’s possible. This is a new show so our entertainment budget is slim until we get farther along in the process. We are open to poets, DJs, dancers, bands, etc. Please submit your interests to info@statesofblack.com along with links to your work.

How much are tickets?

Ticket information is coming soon.