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Our soft launch was a huge success!

First, thank you to all of our sponsors for your help in making our soft launch a success! Thank you to the Speaking Truth to Power Conference for allowing us the opportunity to provide a Social Justice & Art Workshop, and for having us as the conference closing event. In 2020, States of Black™, in partnership with Project Unity: Together We Art (a 501c3 non-profit), will launch it’s vision in a bigger and bolder format! Our goal is to become a powerful arts movement that brings awareness to systemic injustices towards the Black community. Our focus is to educate and inspire change through creative and artistic expressions.

This art expo will include: a powerful social justice art exhibition, live panel discussion, jazz concert, poetic performances, teen short film competition, high-school art competition, and more! We’re looking for partners in this movement to not only bring awareness to the current political landscape, but to educate, inspire, and motivate the community to engage, form solutions, and create change.

Who Should Attend

· Activists
· Students
· Educators
· Families impacted by Injustices
· Community Leaders

Expo Topics

· Getting to the Root of Racism
· Engaging Young Adults on the importance of Voting
· Building Generational Wealth
· “Understanding Your Rights” within the Justice System
· Challenge your Perspective on Race-Relations
· Understand How the History effects Present Day